Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Western Meditation

Western Meditation

Meditation is generally considered as being in a deep, inwardly relaxed state of consciousness. It has become commonly accepted that personally making the effort to meditate regularly results in the ability to attain deeper states of mind more frequently, letting your existence become independent experiences. Attaining your ultimate meditative experience can take years of practice. Or it can take just a few minutes. 

During meditative sessions practitioners focus on calming their mental, emotional and physical states of being. They tune out environmental noises and perhaps focus on a personal mantra or follow thoughts as their focus evolves through a series of sensations. By relaxing, their brainwaves follow suit and relax; the dominant beta brainwaves slowing into becoming alpha waves, then theta, and combinations. Actually, meditation is the practice of focusing on training your brainwaves.

Traditionally, attaining deep theta brainwave levels required years of training and progression. In a way, meditation is a self-guided form of biofeedback. Both require achieving targeted brainwave states at will, with no outside stimulation. That takes a lot of time, commitment and effort. 

Western Meditation accelerates personal meditative training and progression levels by providing brainwave entrainment stimulation either before, during or after traditional meditation routines or a combination thereof.

The ability to acquire a mental, emotional and physical state of deep inwardly focused theta, at will, is the focus of western meditation. Meditation practitioners both long involved or just beginning have incorporated brainwave focus training into their personal session preparation, assisting them in achieving the necessary state of mind for maximizing their meditative session experiences. 

Brainwave focus training is non-intrusive, acting much like an audio and visual guide that through frequency stimulation leads brainwaves to levels necessary for deep meditative sensations or experiences, or non-sensations and non-experiences as the goal may be. Their sessions can range from awareness of everything around yet focused on nothing, or losing all interest or awareness in time, not even a subconscious thought. 

Western Meditation approaches brainwave focus training by employing light and sound stimulation with specially designed and fully researched brainwave focus sessions creating a biofeedin-type experience, where your brainwaves are gently guided to desired states of mind with absolutely no conscious effort.

And audio and visual stimulation safely quells any internal dialogue or "brain chatter" as the mind begins to mimic the stimulation through the process of entrainment, enabling individuals to reach more quickly and effectively the optimum conscious state of mind targeted for the task at hand, be it for motivation, memory retention, sleep, pain or anxiety.

We are not here to define meditation. We all have our own personal feelings towards personal growth. And how, through years of realizations and practice, people have mentally, emotionally and physically trained their brainwaves to slow down, take a breath, relax and let go… in essence training their brainwaves with a sort of subconscious built-in biofeedback fleeting thought, both most helpful in achieving broader depths of consciousness: Focus. With the growing awareness of pulsed light and sound stimulation's positive effects on athletes, academics, and everyday people just trying to make a good thing better, a 'meditative expansion' has been realized. This expansion is known as Western Meditation. 

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