Sunday, December 23, 2018

Using Sound for Mind and Body Healing

Using Sound for Mind and Body Healing

Human beings have been using sound to expand awareness, access deeper states of consciousness and heal the body for several millennium. Using Chinese meditation gongs, chanting, toning, Tibetan singing bowls, and mantras are just a few examples of this use of sound. Today, with highly sophisticated technological instrumentation, we can not only observe how the body and the brain functions in unprecedented detail, but also measure the changes that take place in the mind and body in different states of consciousness (beta, alpha, theta and delta) and different states of health. 

Research studies in several major universities across the United States have explored the neurophysiology of meditation, deep relaxation states and mind/body interactions during healing. In one study a simple relaxation technique used for 20 minutes a day caused profound changes in stress handling ability, blood pressure, immune response and feelings of well being – simply by using a kind of simple high-tech approach which could bring consciousness to very deep levels of relaxation. Using this technology as a daily tool for mind/body integration and stress reduction can have many positive benefits. 

According to Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, a pioneer in acoustic vibration research: “Present technology allows us to affect the body and mind in two parallel ways: first, healing the body with physical resonance using sound frequency vibrations and second, changing states of consciousness using sound with sympathetic resonance of brainwave function - Brainwave Entrainment.” 
Physical resonance is like making a crystal goblet vibrate with the correct sound frequency. In this case, we can resonate different parts of the body with sound for healing. For example, chiropractic spinal adjustments using only sound. Each vertebra is a different size, density, and mass, and just like a crystal goblet, can be resonated with the correct sound (specific frequency). This causes the vertebra to vibrate back into position using only sound waves. Similarly, cranial bones and cerebro-spinal fluid can be influenced with sound resonance. Each organ is a different size, density and mass for each person and also has a fundamental frequency, which causes a balancing of the cellular function. These changes can be seen on a blood chemistry-screening test. 

The brain is also an organ. Like the other organs this organ also has a unique size, density and mass. The effect of exposing the brain to its own fundamental frequency vibration pattern results in the normalizing of its function as an organ, just as any other organ would respond. Since the brain's function is to coordinate and direct the function of all the other systems, we should see a global balancing of all the body's systems at the moment the brain is exposed to it's own single fundamental sound frequency. Using sound, it is possible to make profound changes in brainwave patterns and states of consciousness, observable on brainwave mapping equipment (EEG), as well as positive changes in the body measurable with blood tests, biofeedback equipment and other sophisticated procedures.

Sound frequency generation for stimulating our mental, emotional and physical states of being can produce positive results. There are several quality sound-only frequency MP3’s available on the market. Our choice, “The Frequency of the Universe”, is a deeply layered binaural beat session with 432Hz as the pitch with multiple offset binaural frequencies designed to lead you into a deep alpha and theta brainwave state. This MP3 session is ideal for serious meditation and positive thought.


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