Friday, October 5, 2018

Every one should know that mind machines can be a healthy substitute for alcohol

Every one should know that mind machines can be a healthy substitute for alcohol

I got a call the other day from a guy that for several years had been on a quest to find a non-alcohol, non-drug method for generating that warm old feeling he got when he drank one straight shot of whiskey. He figured that if there was something that could duplicate that one shot feeling then there would be no need to drink. In other words, he wanted a substitute for alcohol. It was an interesting conversation.

I turned him on to AVE. That’s short for Audio-Visual Entrainment. He purchased the Delight Pro AVE with Cranial-Electric Stimulation (CES) by Mind Alive, Inc. It’s a small little technical marvel that generates pulsed brainwave frequencies via an eyeset, headphones and two earclips that go on dry. No paste or saline solution on the earclips is necessary.

The Delight Pro contains several pulsed brainwave frequency sessions, but he found that the Delight Pro’s sub-Delta session (ramping between .5Hz to 3Hz) set at one-half the duty cycle worked excellent. AVE became a healthy substitute for achieving that warm sensation he felt when taking one shot of whiskey. This isn’t the kind of thing a recovering alcoholic would turn into a quest, just the opposite really, but it does illustrate how versatile audio-visual entrainment can be.

Normally pulsed brainwave frequency stimulation can help you maintain your sobriety through regular use in your relapse prevention program. For best results primarily use these AVE sessions in the alpha and theta range. But don’t just use any Audio-Visual Entrainment system’s sessions in these brainwave states, choose sessions that have been researched and proven beneficial. Sessions that have been proven to do what they were designed to do and documented as such in the medical and educational fields are the types of sessions to look for. The DAVID Delight Pro by Mind Alive and sold through Mindmachines is the prefect example of owning an audio-visual mind machine that contains sessions that have been fully researched and proven effective.

Using the DAVID Delight Pro can help you deal with the thoughts, impulses and urges of reverting back to your addictive behaviors. This mind machine is designed to help you relax, focus on the moment, and alleviate unnecessary brain chatter that can lead to stinking thinking. That may be an old term, but it is and will always be relevant.
When using the Delight Pro, start with session 3, the Alpha Relaxer, in the Meditation category. Use this session for a week. Then move on to session 4, Schumann Resonance and session 5, Theta, for another week to two, your choice. Now move on to the Feeling Better category. Experience all five of those sessions over the next few weeks. You should feel less anxiety, a greater sense of relaxation, begin to sleep better and you should notice a profound decrease in negative brain chatter. As you progress, utilize sessions 3 and 4 in the Energize category and sessions 2 and 3 in the Brain Brightening category. There is no set timetable for utilizing each specific session, rather, go with what you feel to be comfortable. There is no rush to experience them all at once. Just relax and allow your mind to drift.

The DAVID Delight Pro mind machine, manufactured by Mind Alive, is the most popular mind machine available for utilizing three non-intrusive modalities: light, sound and cranio-electro stimulation for the promotion of wellness through brainwave frequency entrainment. The DAVID Delight Pro is the most effective and beneficial light and sound mind machine made. Each DAVID Delight Pro mind machine system comes complete with:
  • Tru-Vu OmniscreenTM Eyesets and Carry Case
  • Quality Stereo Headphones
  • Stereo Patch Cord
  • CES Earclip Stim Cable
  • DAVID Carry Bag
  • 9-Volt Alkaline Battery
  • AC Adapter
  • Comprehensive Operator’s Manual

Purchase you DAVID Delight Pro light and sound system from and you will also receive: Free Fedex shipping to all 50 states and Canada, 0% Sales Tax (even in California we pay the Sales Tax for you) and exclusive audio Bonus Set of their most popular MP3 downloads valued well over $100.00.

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