Friday, December 21, 2018

From Science Fiction to Light and Sound Stimulation

From Science Fiction to Light and Sound Stimulation

As a child I was deeply inspired by science fiction movies that portrayed the future as such an exciting world. Advanced societies used science to cure disease and raise the consciousness of ordinary people. This Utopian vision was unrealistic even with today’s advances. However, with the emergence of Audio Visual Stimulation (AVS) devices that produce targeted light and sound brainwave frequency stimulation perhaps what we perceived as fiction may become reality. 

My fascination with sci-fi led to an interest in books and articles about inner space. I read literally hundreds of books on the subject, the most practical of which involved self-improvement through relaxation and meditation.
I gradually built up an impressive collection of written and audio material. I understood the principles, and realized that a common denominator existed between each system, however I could not get the amazing results boasted by the authors. 

Several years back I stumbled across an advertisement for AVS devices. I tried one, a DAVID Delight Pro by Mindalive, hoping it would in some way help me to absorb material for exams I was taking. I found the device very effective for relaxing and habitually used it as a source of release whilst in between study sessions.
In time I integrated the principles I had learned from the self-improvement books with the light and sound machines and designed audio material of my own for guided entrainment. By experimenting on myself I believe I have found the best method for influencing the Psyche to achieve the goals desired - friends and relatives have benefited from the technique and I continue to refine it for better results. 

I have found sustained influence for change requires the presence of certain factors:
1.  Harmonious rather than forced change- There is much wisdom in the expression ‘know thy self’ and developing rather than re-inventing oneself. 

2.  Strong desire for change - as opposed to wishful thinking or fantasy. 

3.  Persistence - linked with strong desire of determination to achieve the end result. 

4.  Patience - to allow time for adjustment to establish itself. 

5.  Personalization of stimulus - choosing the brain state stimulation that works best for you. 

6.  Anchoring - touching the right state is good and being able to return to it is better. 

7.  Re-enforcement - a little like memory, refreshing the mind feeds the future attitude. 

8.  All sense involvement - we have several senses try to incorporate as many as possible. 

Through the years I have used such light and sound machines as the Polysync Pro, the Orion and the Proteus; biofeedback devices such as the Thoughtstream, and other items such as tactile cushions, Motiv Aider and CES. The best light and sound system that I have worked with to date is the DAVID Delight Pro with CES. It has over two dozen built-in session programs with slots for five self-designed sessions; the eyesets are the best made, and the unit comes with everything I needed, even a 9v battery was included even though an ac adapter came as part of the system. Portable or for stationery use, the Delight Pro proved to be the finest light and sound system out there on the market.

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