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How Sound can create the Ideal Environment for Classroom Instruction

How Sound can create the Ideal Environment for Classroom Instruction

Audio brainwave stimulation is a safe, cost-effective way to achieve specific states of mind (beta, alpha, theta and delta). The type of audio frequency generation that is capable of entraining brainwaves safely are dual independent binaural beat frequencies.. Teachers find that conducting their classroom activities while simultaneously playing these audio frequencies at a very low volume enables their students to be entrained in a more relaxed state of awareness. As various research studies have proven, students in a relaxed state are capable of assimilating and retaining more information than students who are in excited or anxious states. 

Steve Brager is a Certified Resource Teaching Specialist in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Working with sound technology as an educational tool for enhancing the learning processes of his students, Mr. Brager describes what his students have gained: “Students with Attention Deficit Disorder are able to complete assignments on time while hyperactive students are able to stay on task for longer periods and focus their concentration on a given skill. These students were bound by their disability in the past, and their self-esteem struggled. Some students are now eager to learn as they are beginning to recognize their capabilities. Students have also learned to reduce their stress or anxieties resulting in a mind set more conducive to learning. Reducing stress or practicing relaxation as a skill has also been a vehicle to help students transcend problems at home that cause roadblocks to learning”.

There are two ways teachers and students use audio frequency stimulation. For personal use, where the listener will be stationary, headphones are the preferred choice. If the listener will be moving around or there are several individuals listening simultaneously, then stereo (or amplified or computer) speakers work best. The MP3’s used while learning are the five audio program set known as the 515. Programs two (Alpha), three (Alpha/Theta) and four (Theta) of the 515 were designed to enhance academic performance. And the audio frequencies
generated need not be played loud to be effective. The volume of the
515 MP3’s should be about the same as the "hum" of a fluorescent light.

Here are the 515 MP3’s program descriptions:
The 515 Energize (Beta) MP3 program is 10:09 minutes in length. You can increase the time by simply pressing ‘repeat program’ on your playlist for however long you desire. The program, like all five 515 MP3’s, is in dual independent binaural beat frequencies in the Beta and Beta/SMR brainwave range. This type of audio frequency stimulation results in longer brainwave entrainment than other types of frequency stimulation as shown on eeg/neurofeedback testing and is ideal for pre-physical exercise, motivation, jet-lag when traveling west and increased mental alertness.

The 515 Alpha MP3 program is 20:16 minutes in length. Program frequencies range from 8-12Hz which is referred to as the Alpha brainwave state and is ideal for relaxation and concentration.

515 Alpha / Theta MP3 program is a 7:10 minutes long brainwave frequency audio program in the 4-12Hz state of consciousness. Known as the hypnogogic state, this MP3 program is designed for deep meditation, inner-focused thought and profound relaxation.

The 515 Theta MP3 program delivers brainwave frequencies in the 4-7Hz range. Program length is 10:10 minutes. Designed for increased focus, this Theta MP3 program is excellent for learning, retaining new information and enhanced creative thought. This Theta brainwave program is also helpful when dealing with jet-lag during travel in an eastward direction.

This 515 Delta MP3 program is a 26:10 minutes long brainwave frequency session designed for going to sleep. The dual independent binaural beats utilized in designing this program range from .5-3Hz. When played at a very low volume, this program is an excellent aid for going to sleep and remaining asleep, waking refreshed.

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