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How does Audio and Visual Entrainment help in overcoming alcohol addiction?

How does Audio and Visual Entrainment help in overcoming alcohol addiction?

Hey drinkers, denial isn’t the only option. There’s that deep-down emotional feeling of shame, failure and humiliation when admitting we have a drinking problem. Denial is easier. We seem to keep lying to ourselves until we reach that well-known goal: hitting rock bottom. So now we’re down to two choices: quit drinking and live or keep drinking and die.

Obviously you chose to quit or you wouldn’t be reading this post. Deciding to quit is a tense time. Everything seems uncertain yet we know we must stay positive. We need support, but whom do we ask? Admitting we are powerless over alcohol and asking those close to us is strength, so ask!

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) provides support, structure and guidelines for living clean and sober. AA has meetings everywhere, throughout the day and night. Attend meetings, find a sponsor, gradually open up, and work the program. That’s basically the AA way and for thousands of people AA has been their gateway to sobriety.

Rehabilitation Centers for alcohol addiction treatment can be lengthy and expensive. And they offer no guarantees. Finding the right rehab center shouldn’t be a hasty decision. Talk to your doctor, get their opinion of which center they think will best meet your needs. When speaking to a representative of potential treatment centers ask them what tools they utilize for relapse prevention. That’s important! 

Making the commitment to stop drinking requires follow-through, like for the rest of your life, just in a “one day at a time” kind of way. That is a simple way to remind you to relax and focus on the moment. Maximizing your ability to be relaxed and focused greatly diminishes negative thoughts like stinking thinking from occurring.

So how do we maximize our ability to relax and concentrate? Meditation. It is way too much to expect a recovering addict to instantly achieve a relaxed state of mind at will. To relax down deeply through the alpha brainwave state and into theta, that twilight state just before sleep, have an audio and visual entrainment (AVE) device that will gently guide an individual to the desired brainwave state (beta, alpha, theta and delta) without any conscious effort. An AVE instrument is a mind entrainment tool. The method by which this entrainment occurs is known as the Frequency Following Response (FFR). Through the use of audio (headphones) and visual (eye frames with LEDs or RGB-based LEDchips) stimulation, partici- pants are gently guided into specific states of mind. Each audio beat and light pulse is a specific frequency. Our minds "think" in terms of frequency. Brainwaves change frequencies based on neural activity within the brain, be it by hearing, touch, smell, vision and/or taste. These senses respond to activity from the environment and transmits that information to the brain via electrical signals. Hearing and vision are considered favorable senses for affecting brainwaves safely. By presenting these beats and pulses to the brain, within a few minutes, the brain begins to mimic or follow the same frequencies as the stimuli (the beats and pulses). This process is referred to as entrainment. In essence, AVE instruments speak to the mind in it's own language- the language of frequency. 

AVE devices are beneficial, affordable and built to last a lifetime. They contain specially designed programs targeting specific states of mind that generate the pulsed audio and visual frequency stimulation by the touch of a button. 

From the moment you begin life alcohol free be aware of your mental, emotional and physical states. And keep a journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings. As the days turn into weeks you can look back at how you felt when you first began and compare them to how you are feeling today. Sometimes our changes are so subtle only when reading earlier entries do we become aware of those changes. 

Have an AVE instrument and use it daily for at least thirty days. A thirty minute theta relaxation program once daily can do wonders for newly sober attitudes. AVE is a tool to improve your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing, while simultaneously giving you a meditative approach to relaxation without the years of practice it takes to truly reach a deep theta state at will.

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